Advantages to using
  1. Click here to watch an overview video on our stats program.
  2. Phone and email support provided for the application.
  3. You can provide live scorebook results for free by entering the data live online.
    1. You can enter results live using any device capable of being on the web (phone, PDA, laptop, ...) and anyone anywhere on the web can watch your teams matches unfold online.
  4. Compatible with any handheld or mobile device that can access the web (phone, PDA, laptop, ...) which can make data entry very convenient and easy.
  5. Access the application from any computer that can connect to the web
  6. All devices are sharing the same data.
    1. Enter data on a computer in preparation for an event where results will be entered on a mobile device.
    2. No need to synch data between the mobile device and the computer.
  7. Data Sharing
    1. Only one team in a dual has to enter the data if both teams are using Trackwrestling's stats program.
    2. Participating in events run on Trackwrestling
      1. Upload your roster into the event so submitting your roster is quick and easy.
      2. Download opponents name and team from the events bout list.
  8. Dual tie breaking made easy with all the data at your finger tips on a summary page.
  9. Easily disseminate your results
    1. List your media contacts once and have your results along with a box score sent to the media after every dual.
  10. Reporting
    1. Custom build reports
    2. Import report settings created by others
    3. Decide which reports to make public and which reports to keep to confidential.
  11. Gain web pages for team information, roster, schedule, results, team statistics...
  12. Incorporate the program with your own webpage
    1. List your team's homepage so viewers can go to your teams website.
    2. Link to the web pages in the program from your teams website.