2014 Girls Folkstyle National Championships
In order to support hotels who are sponsors of the tournament, this event is becoming a Stay to Play event. Before registering for the tournament, you will need to make a reservation at a host hotel, then use your hotel name and confirmation number to be allowed access to discounted tournament registration. All reservations will be cross-checked before you arrive and if you don't have a valid reservation at a host hotel, you will be responsible for paying the full tournament registration amount. You will NOT be allowed to wrestle if you have an outstanding balance.
1. Junior competitors that weigh in for the Girls Folkstyle Nationals will NOT need to weigh in again if they wish to compete in the Womens Folkstyle Junior National Duals.
2. Junior wrestlers must be born September 1, 1994 or after PLUS currently enrolled in grades 9-12.
3. Draw Teams will not be seeded. According to the National Dual Policies, Draw Teams are allowed to compete in the preliminary pools (or bracket) and consolation bracket, and are allowed to advance and place in the consolation bracket. However, Draw Teams cannot place ahead of State Teams.
4. All coaches must pass a USAW background check and have a current membership. Kids coaches must be Copper certified. Cadet and Junior coaches must be Bronze certified.
Click here for Girls Folkstyle Nationals website:http://usawevents.sportngin.com/page/show/1019284-girls-folkstyle-nat-ls-and-junior-women-s-folkstyle-national-duals
Click here for Women's University Nationals website:http://usawevents.sportngin.com/page/show/1047032-women-s-university-national-championships
2014 ASICS Wm. Univ. Nat/USAW Girls. Flk. Nat.
For help contact tclark@usawrestling.org or Help Center
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