Why become a distinguished club?
Why become a Distinguished Club?

We decided to start a PLUG YOUR CLUB campaign that allows people to promote their club and its wrestlers through Trackwrestling. The following is a list of benefits your club and its wrestlers will receive with this service.

  • We will link your club name on brackets back to your website.
  • We will link your club name on a tournament's teams list back to your website.
  • Whenever your wrestlers participate in a Trackwrestling event, we will automatically send their results to a list of media contacts you create to ensure their accomplishments are being recognized.
  • When your wrestlers register under different spellings of your club name, we will combine them under the same name.
  • Simplify the registration process for you by allowing you to select the wrestlers from your club you want to register.
  • You can monitor the registration activity for wrestlers who register for events using one of your approved club spellings.
  • We have created a club ranking system based on how wrestlers are doing in events and your club would be included in those rankings. As a bonus, the top ranked clubs will show up on our home page as Elite Clubs.
  • We provide statistics reports to summarize how your wrestlers are doing in events.

Your club can receive all of this promotion and benefits for an entire season for just $50.

Click here if you would like to sign your club up for this service now.