Wrestling Management, Registration & Video Solutions

Event Management

Our event management system allows you to manage any type of tournament from a traditional paper bout sheet event to a completely electronic event with computers at each mat and the option to integrate with score clocks, jumbotrons, ribbon boards, video feeds, etc. Simply by running the event through our system the information is available live online for people who want to follow along.

Scramble Pairings

Scramble pairings are a bracketing option in our event management system designed for situations where you don't want to create weight classes but instead just want to mix and match wrestlers to get the best match ups possible. This system of pairing was designed for events like middle school conference meets where two or more teams get together and want to pair wrestlers up the best they can. Teams can manage their roster through our team management system, rosters can be imported into events and pairings can be constructed in minutes. Prices typically range from $25 - $50 per meet and depend on the size the meets and the number you plan to manage throughout the season. Contact us regarding your conference, league, etc. utilizing this service.

Online Registration

The online registration system makes it easy and convenient for athletes, parents, and coaches to register for your event. You can choose to allow participants to pay online, onsite, or both. In addition, you can customize the look and feel and add fields to meet your data collection needs. This system can be used in conjunction with Trackwrestling’s event management service or just for registration purposes. When Trackwrestling registration and online payment services are used in conjunction with event management, event management fees will be waived.

Text/Email Alerts

Trackwrestling has allowed wrestling fans everywhere to follow their favorite wrestlers online when they are unable to attend an event. However, for those who wish to follow your wrestler but cannot be by a computer all day or simply don't want to sit there and refresh constantly, we provide instant mat assignments and results via text message and email alerts.


Trackcast is a game-changing video streaming, recording, and replay solution completely integrated into the Trackwrestling platform. It allows users to easily incorporate video overlays with current match and tournament information into their broadcasts creating a professional looking stream that draws people in. The goal of the Trackcast platform is to empower organizations, teams, and event directors with the tools they need to broadcast their events and recognize the revenue streams associated with them.

Generate Revenue

Empowering event hosts with video solutions of their own, allowing them to recognize revenue streams associated with the growing demand for streaming video.

One Laptop

Streaming and scoring can now be done from the same computer increasing efficiency and reducing cost. Connect the computer to the internet, the camera, and possibly a Trackwrestling score clock and run everything off of one (1) laptop.

Roster, Schedule, and Results Reporting

This tool is designed to allow teams to manage their roster, post their schedule, distribute results to the media, and provide a central repository for wrestling results across the country. Results can be entered online or offline using any device (phone, tablet, PC, etc.). If you enter the results online, people can follow your team's progress live on the internet. Dual meet data is shared so only one team needs to enter the results and both teams receive the benefits.

Statistics Program

Our statistics program is an add-on to our FREE roster, schedule and results reporting tool. It gives you all the same great benefits of that tool with the added benefit of getting customized statistics reports for your team.


The goal of Trackwrestling is to make the sport of wrestling better for everyone involved. We have created a system that allows us to track results throughout all the events on Trackwrestling. All you have to do is create a profile for yourself, athlete, or club and you will be linked to all of the tournaments you or your athletes compete in. Wrestlers and distinguished clubs get to compete in the Trackwrestling ranking system based on their performances. A Trackwrestling Membership gets your name out into the wrestling circuit for an easy to use resource for athletes, fans, and coaches.

Athlete Profiles

Wrestlers in the Trackwrestling system are assigned profiles that track their careers, accomplishments, and more. In addition to wrestler stats, you can upload a photo to their profile which helps athletes, fans, and coaches put a face to the wrestler.


Trackwrestling provides a custom user experience for any type of user. Whether you are a wrestler, fan, coach, or tournament administrator, myTRACK allows you to easily search and manage the various services provided by Trackwrestling. A myTRACK account gives you a personalized browsing experience based on your state and recent activity. Our "Recent" feature allows you to lock in your favorites and conveniently access your recently viewed profiles, tournaments, rankings, and more. Sign up for a myTRACK account today and get started with your personalized browsing experience.


Trackwrestling offers a FloPRO subscription which includes text alerts, viewing multiple brackets at once, track the progress and statistics of your favorite athletes, filter ranking, along with archived video access to hundreds of events. Learn more or upgrade below.

Club Account

Our club account allows you to list all your athletes and simplify the registration process for events. Once you list all your athletes, you can simply place a check next to the wrestlers you would like to participate in the event, edit the necessary fields, and submit your registration.

Distinguished Clubs

A Distinguished Club membership is an add on to our free club account service. There are many benefits to becoming a Trackwrestling Distinguished Club. In an effort to promote your club, we link to your club's website in tournaments and on brackets and email your media contacts whenever your wrestlers participate in an event so their accomplishments are recognized. Your club will also be ranked in our Elite club rankings with the chance of making it into our top five Elite Clubs list. You will also have the opportunity to view various reports that summarize how your wrestlers are doing in events. To become a Distinguished Club, you must first create a club account. If you already have a club account, you can sign in and upgrade it to Distinguished.


Trackwrestling provides a unique opportunity to enhance awareness of your products and services. Our platform is utilized at all levels across the country, which allows you to market directly to the audiences that matter to you. The high volume of traffic on our site ensures your ads will be seen repeatedly. Advertising on Trackwrestling is a simple and cost-effective way of exposing your brand to the entire wrestling community. Contact us for more information on the marketing options that will work best for you.

High Traffic

Trackwrestling is the #1 online resource for wrestling which produces extremely high traffic on our site. Our system receives an exceptional number of views from wrestlers, coaches, and fans across the nation. This ensures your brand will be seen repeatedly, making your investment well worth it.

Target Audiences

Ads can be filtered down to relevant audiences based on who they are and what they're browsing. For example, your can market your brand specifically to Wisconsin, by presenting an ad on all events run in Wisconsin. Additional filters can be applied to target different audiences at different times.

Training Opportunities

Trackwrestling Training Opportunities is a great way to search for and post upcoming camps and training opportunities for your school or club. Finding the right camp is easy with our camp search feature, which allows you to narrow your results by date, age level, state, and more.

Posting Training Opportunities

Get your camp seen on our camp list. Viewers will be able to find all of the information they need to learn more about your camp. Camper registrations can also be completed online through the Trackwrestling Registration System; making it quick and easy to sign-up and manage. Contact us to get your next camp listed on Trackwrestling today.

Finding Training Opportunities

Easily find upcoming camps and information from our camps list. Training Opportunities posted on Trackwrestling are easy to find and register for.

Online Courses

Trackwrestling University is a program used to train individuals in our wrestling software. We offer a variety of courses that cover the different wrestling formats and Trackwrestling event management services. By completing a course, you will become certified in the skills associated with it. Your certifications can be attributed to you on our consultants page where event directors can see your qualifications.

Trackwrestling Experts

Trackwrestling Experts are people with experience running the Trackwrestling software who are willing to travel to events and run them for you. You can search our list to find an expert in your area.