Wrestling Management, Registration & Video Solutions

Event Management

Our event management system allows you to manage any type of tournament from a traditional paper bout sheet event to a completely electronic event with computers at each mat and the option to integrate with score clocks, jumbotrons, ribbon boards, video feeds, etc. Simply by running the event through our system the information is available live online for people who want to follow along.

Scramble Pairings

Scramble pairings are a bracketing option in our event management system designed for situations where you don't want to create weight classes but instead just want to mix and match wrestlers to get the best match ups possible. This system of pairing was designed for events like middle school conference meets where two or more teams get together and want to pair wrestlers up the best they can. Teams can manage their roster through our team management system, rosters can be imported into events and pairings can be constructed in minutes. Prices typically range from $25 - $50 per meet and depend on the size the meets and the number you plan to manage throughout the season. Contact us regarding your conference, league, etc. utilizing this service.

Online Registration

Our online registration system makes it easy and convenient for athletes, parents, and coaches to register for your event online. You can choose to allow participants to pay online, onsite, or both. In addition you can customize the registration's look and feel along with additional fields to meet your data collection needs. This system can be used in conjunction with our event management tool or just for registration purposes.

Text/Email Alerts

Trackwrestling has allowed wrestling fans everywhere to follow their favorite wrestlers online when they are unable to attend an event. However, for those who wish to follow your wrestler but cannot be by a computer all day or simply don't want to sit there and refresh constantly, we provide instant mat assignments and results via text message and email alerts.


Trackcast is a game-changing video streaming, recording, and replay solution completely integrated into the Trackwrestling platform. It allows users to easily incorporate video overlays with current match and tournament information into their broadcasts creating a professional looking stream that draws people in. The goal of the Trackcast platform is to empower organizations, teams, and event directors with the tools they need to broadcast their events and recognize the revenue streams associated with them.

Generate Revenue

Empowering event hosts with video solutions of their own, allowing them to recognize revenue streams associated with the growing demand for streaming video.

One Laptop

Streaming and scoring can now be done from the same computer increasing efficiency and reducing cost. Connect the computer to the internet, the camera, and possibly a Trackwrestling score clock and run everything off of one (1) laptop.

Custom Tickers

The live ticker in the video overlays can be customized and changed from one location to control what information to display for your viewers.

Content Delivery

Users can choose which platform they would like to send their streams to.

Channel Packages

Trackcast channel packages allow you to mix and match your streams to create options for fans. For example, you could have a package that is just the finals for your event, another package that is all mats at your event, and another package that includes all mats at all your events. You can mix and match dual meets with tournaments, create a conference package, etc.

Roster, Schedule, and Results Reporting

This tool is designed to allow teams to manage their roster, post their schedule, distribute results to the media, and provide a central repository for wrestling results across the country. Results can be entered online or offline using any device (phone, tablet, PC, etc.). If you enter the results online, people can follow your team's progress live on the internet. Dual meet data is shared so only one team needs to enter the results and both teams receive the benefits.

Statistics Program

Our statistics program is an add-on to our FREE roster, schedule and results reporting tool. It gives you all the same great be