Search FAQs
1. Does Trackwrestling have a YouTube channel?
2. How can I secure video streaming equipment to use in conjuntion with Trackcast?
3. What software do I need to install on my computer for Trackcast?
4. How do I update my equipment from OBS Classic to OBS Studio?
5. How can I setup video streams for my event?
6. How can I setup channel paywall packages through Trackcast?
7. How can I add the Trackcast overlay to my stream in OBS Studio?
8. How do I specify where to send the stream in Open Broadcaster?
9. How can I start a stream using OBS Studio?
10. How can I watch my stream to ensure it`s working properly?
11. How can I manage what shows up in the ticker with Trackcast?
12. How can I record videos using Trackcast?
13. How can I do video replay using Trackcast?
14. What do I need to do to manage my video server?
15. What equipment comes in the Trackwrestling video kits?
16. How do I setup the Trackwrestling video equipment?
17. How do I configure OBS remote?
18. How do update the OBS Configuration Settings?
19. How can I setup OBS sources to correspond to my sponsors?
20. How can I setup an OBS scene to correspond to my sponsors?
21. How do I associate sponsors with a Trackcast broadcast?
22. How can I ensure the settings associated with my video streams are all set correctly?
23. How can I update the video server configuration file?
24. What do I need to do to setup the matside computers and test the streaming?
25. What should I do the day of the event to get the streams going and monitor them throughout the day?
26. What issues may I run into with Windows 10?
27. Gold vs. Gold+ vs. Video Subscription
28. What do I need to do to setup and oversee the video operation for a Trackcast / NFHS Network event?
29. How can I fix static/fuzzy lines from showing up on the video.
30. How do I purchase a subscription to watch a Trackcast event?
31. How do I perform video review using the Trackcast system?