Trackwrestling Consultant Reviews


Reviews of Ben Wanagat
08/28/2012 03:27 p.m.
Ben has consistently managed tournament affairs with track wrestling with the best of efforts...even in the most difficult of times and conditions. His own track wrestling record of timely tournaments should put him in the top ten percent.
Terry Edwards
08/28/2012 01:42 p.m.
Ben has run my tournament for the last 3 years. We may have had problems with a tournament but I have never had a problem with anything Ben was responsible with. It is great to know that I can turn over the running and entering of the tournament information and focus on running the tournament. Ben shows up on time, is knowledgeable about the trackwrestling software, and has a great personality of standing up when needed and showing flexibility when something needs correcting. I can`t recommend him enough. I give him a 5 rating and have always been pleased with his work.
Matt Allison / Head Coach
08/28/2012 01:27 p.m.
Ben has ran trackwrestling for all of our events the past 2 years. he sets up every tournament and handles all issues. He has helped me really streamline our tournaments. Ben is a valuable member and I cant think of running a tournament without him. Thanks, Jason LeSueur
Jason LeSueur State Youth Director