Trackwrestling Consultant Reviews


Reviews of Matthew Shannon
12/16/2019 01:07 p.m.
Good job and thanks for helping!
Tony Norton- Coach DNH
12/16/2019 11:42 a.m.
Matt was available to communicate at anytime. Organization and efficiency was great
Jeremy Kriegel- Varsity Head Coach
12/16/2019 10:28 a.m.
Orgainzed and efficient with any changes. Polite and responsive in all email communication and was able to answer any questions that came up. Flexible the day of the tournament with teams not showing up and changing the bracket type last minute.
Mark Weber, Perry Head Coach
12/16/2019 09:23 a.m.
I`ve worked with Matt on other wrestling events, he is very knowledgable in the trackwrestling operations. He is easy to work with and is easy to get a hold of as well.
Chad Gerbracht/Coach
12/16/2019 09:04 a.m.
Very Good
Keith Slifka Crestwood Head Wrestling Coach
12/16/2019 09:04 a.m.
Matt ran our tournament very well. He brings everything you need. That makes for a stress free day for the hosting head coach. He has knowledge about wrestling and how things should operate. Matt enabled us to host a first class event. Thanks Matt
Brian Benning- Head Coach, Aplington-Parkersburg, Grundy Center
02/26/2019 10:30 a.m.
Matthew did an amazing job running the NCAA regional at Lindenwood. I would recommend anyone looking to run a quality event to hire him right away.
Jimmy Rollins head wrestling coach Lindenwood University
02/25/2019 07:47 p.m.
Anytime there was the possibility of an issue or a video review Matt would bethere before anyone. Everytime there was s stoppage, Matt would be there. Most accessible person in the building. You can`t top that! Incredibly easy to work with too.....
Peter Mankowich. Head Official D2 Super Regional IV
02/25/2019 11:46 a.m.
Matt did a great job...great to work with, very efficient and knowledgeable...went over and above in everything we asked. Was great working with table workers which definitely helped make event run smoothly. Overall fantastic experience and hope we get to work again soon.
Tom Wagganer, Sr. Associate AD at Lindenwood
02/04/2019 11:44 a.m.
Due to a Trackwrestling outage during our 17-team home invite, and being forced to go the paper-route, we had no other choice than to hire Mr. Shannon. Upon seeing his credentials, it seemed as it would be the easiest decision to hire him. Running the tournaments myself on top of being a head coach, I have gotten to do little to no coaching at our three tournaments this year- all three being big tournaments. Having Matthew Shannon was the best thing our tournament could have asked for. Upon signing up with Matt, I had instant gratification toward being able to have a successfully ran tournament. Matt came in early to set everything up and had everything squared away before weigh-ins. Upon asking if there was anything that I could do, he had the extreme knowledge to have the tournament ready to go. Once the seeding meeting commenced, Matt took over and not one single hiccup occurred upon the most smooth tournament I have ever been apart of- whether it be as a participant, worker, or coach. All in all, I would highly recommend Matthew Shannon to run ANY and ALL Trackwrestling events having the full confidence that he will run the most efficient tournament as possible.
Colby Grothoff/ Head Wrestling Coach
02/04/2019 11:00 a.m.
The fact that the state of Iowa mandates we use Trackwrestling, without proper reimbursement, irritates me and our schools past experience with Trackwrestling problems on the days of our Tournaments in the past have left me bitter toward Trackwrestling. I feel that Trackwrestling is taking butts out of seats and hurting, not growing, the sport. Matt Shannon having a server to avoid the same problems we have encountered with Trackwrestling alleviated the previous problems we have had. Matt was professional in all aspects of his representing Trackwrestling and has my full confidence in running the system. Matt and his crew did an excellent job of running the tournament and I would recommend them for any tournament.
Brian Benning - Head Wrestling Coach
01/07/2019 12:03 p.m.
With Matt`s help, our youth tournament ran incredibly smooth. He was able to quickly fix any issues. Matt worked with me early on to get our tournament on Track so we could gather early registrants and continued to help and guide me right up to the tournament.
Heather Lange Treasurer, West Burlington/Notre Dame Danville Youth Wrestling Club
12/30/2018 04:08 p.m.
Matt was prompt, professional, and had an excellent grasp on the entire system. The tournament ran smoothly due to his expertise. Thank you to Matt and trackwrestling for our success in operating this event.
Mark Swafford tournament director for the high school
12/10/2018 11:46 a.m.
The best of the best!
Steve Farrell/ Owner Of Iron Elite
12/10/2018 11:40 a.m.
Matt Shannon was absolutely beyond excellent! I would highly recommend him. When everyone else in the country was down we were on a server. When there was an issue at a table he knew before someone daid something and was there to fix it immediately. When I asked him 1000 questions he smiled and answered everyone. I couldn`t prossibly be any more pleased with my experience.
Anthony Chilton President of Iron Elite Wrestling
07/12/2018 08:54 a.m.
Matt Shannon did a great job for us! Highly recommended!
Kevin Dresser/Camp Director
02/05/2018 12:46 p.m.
Matt Shannon is amazing. He covered our tournaments from weeks before the tournament started to follow up reports after the tournament, ...with seeding meeting in between. He is very knowledgeable and professional. I give Matt an A+ grade and look forward to working with him in regards to all our tournaments going forward!!:) Sincerely, Shawn Pfiffner Benton Community AD/Assistant principal
Shawn Pfiffner Activities Director at Benton Community
02/02/2018 03:12 p.m.
Matt was an outstanding addition to our Wamac Wrestling Tournament. His knowledge and expertise of Trackwrestling is second to none. I would recommend Matt for anyone`s tournament. We will be asking Matt to help run our own tournament next year.
Tom Gruenwald AD
02/20/2017 08:43 p.m.
Matthew was very prompt with the schedule we asked him to follow. He answered all e-mails, telephone calls and questions in a timely and professional manner. He definitely went above and beyond what was initially asked of him. He brought numbers for the tops of the clocks, spare kits and other items that all pro provided a touch of class to the Tournament. I have about 6 different hats I wear for this event and this endeavor was new to the tournament. Probably the most important item for me was I found out early I did not have to worry at all about anything he was involved with. I would be remiss if I did not mention his demeanor and ability to work with people. I am a little high strung so I just let him handle everything. Other people that worked with also spoke highly of his abilities. To put it simply, he is a fine young man and I look forward to working with him again.
Ken Krogman/ President Owner, Iowa High School Sports Network
02/20/2017 02:03 p.m.
Matt Shannon did an excellent job of managing our video operation for the Iowa State Duals and Individual Tournaments. He worked well with our entire staff, made suggestions, accepted decisions, and helped make the tournament run smoothly. His knowledge and expertise is obvious. We received praise for the TrackCaster service that was provided and Matt played an integral part in its success. Excellent work, Matt!
Lewie Curtis/ IHSAA Wrestling Administrator
01/31/2017 11:50 a.m.
Matt did an outstanding job running the 16 team WaMac tournament. We had great communication all week and his skill & knowledge made the tournament a success. I truly would look forward to working with him in the future.
Grant Eckenrod (Head wrestling coach-Williamsburg HS
01/31/2017 09:03 a.m.
Matt Shannon was tremendous. His work ethic and abilities truly shined during our time with him. He not only provided the needed service, he adds to things for the spectators! He made this event special in many ways!
Curt Ritchie - Activities Director - Williamsburg High School
01/31/2017 08:39 a.m.
Matt did an excellent job running our JV conference tournament. We had one little problem which Matt fixed quickly. After that, the tournament ran smoothly and was done in a timely fashion. Thank you Matt.
Jason Haag/ Head Coach
01/10/2017 09:44 a.m.
I would highly recommend Matt Shannon to anyone running a track wrestling tournament. His knowledge and skills of track wrestling, track wrestling clocks, and track casting is second to none. Matt ran our JV and Varsity wrestling tournament with 150 JV wrestlers and 16 varsity teams in one day. With Matt running both tournaments simultaneously we were completed by 6 pm and had no issues. He was very professional in the manner he dealt with coaches, table workers, and administrators throughout the day. We also used a new bracket with more matches than last year for our Varsity tournament. With the new bracket and increased # of matches, Matt was well planned and methodical in his scheduling for our Varsity tournament. I was very pleased with Matt`s track wrestling services.
TJ Murphy - Head Wrestling Coach Benton Community Schools
12/19/2016 10:11 a.m.
Matt has been coming to our tournament for 3 years now and WOW we got LUCKY!!! Very professional, prompt and knows track very well! We Give him a A+!
Debbie Wiseman. Activities Secretary @ Fort Madison High School
12/12/2016 07:05 a.m.
We have had several track consultants through the years work both of our high school tourneys and youth functions. Simply said Matt is the best! His ability to troubleshoot and keep events running smoothly is second to none. We wouldn`t run a tourney at this point without Matt.
Troy Moss/Johnston Iowa Youth Tourney director
12/06/2016 05:48 p.m.
The Tournament is one of the best run tournaments that I have been to. I go to at least one tournament every week during the wrestling season and this is one of the best. GREAT JOB. No down time which every wrestling fan likes. G Wyatt Schultz
G Wyatt Schultz, Owner/Publisher of The Predicament
03/02/2016 12:37 p.m.
Matt was a great help prior to, during and after the event in all areas. He answered all questions we had about the program prior to the tournament and eased our minds on how the event would go. He was very knowledgeable of the Trackwrestling program and was able to share his knowledge with the workers we had scheduled to score for us. He was very professional and was eager and willing to assist with all program/video review questions or scoring issues during the entire tournament. If given the opportunity to host another large wrestling event, we would not hesitate to bring Matt back to help us run a smooth event with Trackwrestling. We would also recommend him to anyone in the area looking to utilize Trackwrestling to host a major NCAA event.
Tim Evans - Director of Athletic Communications - Augustana University (SD)
03/02/2016 08:14 a.m.
I would highly recommend Matt Shannon for anyone hosting a TrackWrestling event. He is incredibly organized and professional in his communication about event details, as well as during the event itself. His knowledge of TrackWrestling is amazing. He has access to and provides quality equipment and takes care of the setup and teardown himself. He runs the event incredibly well and smoothly, and does a great job taking care of issues calmly and professionally.
Pete Roberts, Statistics and Technology Coordinator, Augustana University Athletic Communications
02/01/2016 11:05 a.m.
Everything was very organized and ready to go from the on-set so the tournament ran very smoothly.
Deb Cummings, Activities Assistant
01/31/2016 09:27 p.m.
Matt did a great job. Very organized, track wrestling ran smoothly, and he had excellent communication before, during, and after the meet. Job well done! Thanks for all your time and efforts to make this WaMaC Conference Wrestling meet a Special event!
Jim Struve - Vinton-Shellsburg AD
01/29/2016 05:52 p.m.
Matt did a fantastic job for our Ankeny Wrestling Club youth tourney. He was hands on, knew the ins and outs of track, helped with parents, you name it he stepped up. Our tournament ran the smoothest it has ran since transitioning to trackwrestling! Thank you Matt!
Ashley Rathjen, Ankeny Wrestling Club Treasurer
01/27/2016 11:17 p.m.
Matt does a great job of keeping the tournament running and answering all question
Jayson Cook Official
12/08/2015 05:01 a.m.
Hello, My name is Bob Murphy and I live in Manchester, Iowa. I am a retired School Administrator from West Delaware High in Manchester, Iowa. My part time job is the Commissioner of the Wamac Conference (16 team conference in Eastern Iowa) as well as being a wrestling official. My review today is to acknowledge an individual by the name of Matt Shannon who runs Track Wrestling for the Wamac Conference - Varsity & Junior Varsity Wrestling Tournament. I`ve found Matt Shannon to be a very knowledgeable individual with Track Wrestling. Matt is very sharp in the workings of Track Wrestling and is very conscientious about his work. Months before we start getting ready for our Wamac Conference Tournament in January, Matt is getting things set up and ready to go. Matt takes a lot of pride in his work and wants things to run smoothly. I`ve never seen a wrestling tournament not run smoothly when Matt is running Track Wrestling. One of the greatest attributes that I see in Matt, is when things aren`t working correctly Matt knows how to fix the problem and if he doesn`t know, he knows who to call to solve the problem. Matt takes the worry off of a lot of our Athletic Directors who are running the Conference Tournament, As an official, I put a lot of trust in Matt`s ability to communicate and to keep a tournament running smoothly. Every tournament that I`ve been to where Matt has been in charge of Track Wrestling, has run smoothly and efficiently. As the Commissioner of the Wamac Conference, Matt is an individual who I can rely on to help run an effective conference meet. We are very lucky to have him in this area and that he takes great pride in running our Wamac Conference Tournament. Bob Murphy Wamac Conference - Commissioner 304 South Wayne Manchester, Iowa 52057
Bob Murphy - Wamac Commissioner & Wrestling Official
12/06/2015 06:33 p.m.
Matt is very great to work with, he does an outstanding job managing and operating tournament. He is very knowledge about track wrestling and I like working with Matt
Rick Helmrich/ official
12/06/2015 11:02 a.m.
I have worked multiple events that Matt has be the TrackWrestling `go to` guy. It is always nice to have someone as good at TW as Matt because it makes the events run so much more smooth.
Chad Page - Wrestling Official
11/23/2015 06:31 p.m.
Matt Shannon has been in charge of all track wrestling operations for our wrestling programs and also ran many tournaments across the state of Iowa and bordering states. I fully recommend Coach Shannon expertise to anyone who is in need of someone to assist or help operate the TrackWrestling program. His knowledge and skill set to operate the program is topnotch.
Keith Donnelly
11/23/2015 06:17 p.m.
He did an excellent job running our youth, freestyle and high school tournament the last two years. He did a great job in setting the clock up, entering the participant, splitting up brackets and answering any questions that people had for him. He did an amazing job and we are luck to have him run our tournament.
Brian Loughren/ Assistant Wrestling coach
11/03/2015 10:42 a.m.
Matt did a great job with running tournament, it was his first year doing the Kaye Young Open and I will have him back next year.
Steve Kelly Wrestling Coach NIACC
03/30/2015 01:16 p.m.
Matt has helped us two years in a row. The first time he came to help I tried to follow along to learn...that lasted about 3 minutes! Matt is a true wrestling fan of all sorts and willing to assit in any fashion! He makes our tournaments run so flawless from start to finish! Couldn`t do it with out him! He has the clocks and computers and everything to set up and run the tournament. He will be asked to come back for many years! Thanks Matt! James Johnson and the Charles City Mat Club
James Johnson Tournament worker
03/04/2015 06:18 p.m.
He did a great job keeping things moving all weekend. He was very professional and easy to work with.
Lenny gino head official
03/04/2015 08:53 a.m.
Matt Shannon did an excellent job at the 2015 NCAA Super Regional 3 Wrestling Championships hosted by Minnesota State University. He showed up to the facility on time, set up all the equipment himself, trained all the scoreboard and instant replay operators and assisted the public address, sports information and officials on all administrative aspects of TrackWrestling. He was professional and extremely helpful throughout the weekend. I received many comments by student-athletes, coaches and officials on the great job that he did. I would recommend him for any tournament director needing the TrackWrestling equipment, and we will surely use him again if we host such a tournament in the future.
Cory Poppitz, Assistant Athletic Director for Sport Operations
03/03/2015 10:01 a.m.
First time working with Matthew. Served as NCAA Site Representative for NCAA DII Super 3 Region Wrestling Championship. Matthew had all equipment in-place and tested in a timely manner. Assisted with the seeding meeting and during the competition tracked warnings alongs with video reviews. As the NCAA Site Rep he briefed me as needed with information. I`d recommend him in the future.
Upper Iowa University
02/24/2015 03:52 a.m.
Matt was very helpful with open communication. We had to reschedule our tournament due to weather and he accommodated the date change. He made himself available to assist when needed. He is very knowledgeable of the trackwrestling system and very willing to help and give advise.
Jared Herrmann
02/06/2015 09:22 a.m.
I used the online ticket system and Track consultants were very helpful but I got hooked up with Matt and he was unbelievably great resource for me in navigating the setup and administering the tournament for a few weeks prior. I called him with a few questions/issues we had the day of the tournament and he immediately was able to help me resolve issues so that our tournament ran without a hitch. I have heard many great things about Matt but got to experience that first hand. A big THANK YOU to him!
Kurt Kreiter AD @ Central, DeWitt - Iowa High School
02/02/2015 04:30 p.m.
Matt went beyond the call of duty helping me host a 16 team conference tournament on Saturday, January 31,2015. Mr. Shannon was very professional, willing to stay until the job was complete and was polite to everyone. Even some of our IT people picked up a few tricks on how to use track wrestling. I am proud to have Matt in Iowa and that he lets us call him at any time with questions or concerns we may have.
John Hlubek / Activities Director
01/15/2015 07:54 a.m.
Thanks for a good year Matt Shannon. Both Tournaments that Matt Ran were really smooth for our Junior High kids. Even the other coaches liked how the pairing were made. We had really good matches and did not have to do a thing.
Garry Anderson, Wrestling coach
01/13/2015 12:59 p.m.
Matt was specific with his explanation of the tool and assisted multiple times throughout the process. He allowed us to utilize a variety of the features of the tool that made the event run smooth for all involved, such as the announcer screen. He was patient and willing to help at various times of the day. We truly appreciated his efforts!
Kyle Koeppen/Activities Director
12/15/2014 08:36 a.m.
Matt Shannon was absolutely phenomenal. He was available, let alone an EXPERT on everything to do with TrackWrestling. No doubt about it - when we have our tournament next year, we will be calling Matt with questions. Not only did he help us out, he taught us many `tricks` to help things run smoother.
Matt Thede/Activities Director
12/14/2014 12:45 p.m.
Matt was a huge help for running out tournament on trackwrestling. His knowledge of the trackwrestling program and equipment was outstanding. We had a few issues during the tournament and Matt was able to solve them very quickly. Aaron Truitt
Aaron Truitt- assistant coach, Mount Vernon HS
12/07/2014 12:24 p.m.
Matt does an outstanding job running a tournament with Trackwrestling. Our home tournament with Matt at the helm was highly organized and smooth. We hosted 14 teams and ran 6 mats. Matt manages the entire tournament start to finish and is outstanding to work with. He knows Trackwrestling front to back and prevents any issues before the arise. Our tournament would not run as well as it does without the work Matt does.
Justin Putz / AD Independence High School
12/03/2014 08:17 a.m.
Matt made our tournament very efficient. This was the second year of running our dual tournament and we received many inputs on how well the tournament was run and how smooth everything went. Our table workers were very happy as well because their job was made easy with Matt`s assistance. I have worked with Matt on multiple occasions for running tournaments and he communicates well leading up to the tournament and really goes out of his way to make sure the tournament is ready to run smooth.
Jaime Gray, Elite Takedown Club
12/03/2014 07:51 a.m.
Matt did an excellent job of administering our JH meet with over 100 participants. We had four mats and 126 total matches. Matt set up Track Wrestling and ran the whole event from setup to finish. The evening went very smoothly.
Jack Goedken / JH Athletics Director, Independence JrSr High, Independence, IA
11/25/2014 02:06 p.m.
Matthew Shannon ran and managed the 2014 Independence Mini Mustang tournament using the trackwrestling system. Our tournament ran very smoothly this year and all issues that came up on each mat were quickly fixed and dealt with by Matthew. He prides himself on making sure things run smoothly. I know that he runs several tests before the tournament begins to ensure things will go well. I know that he has managed track wrestling for other big tournaments and has done a great job. I highly recommend him for any big tournament that needs to be well done.
Jon Carey, Teacher and Independence Junior High Wrestling Coach
04/04/2014 11:16 a.m.
Matt did a great job of introducing our mat club members to trackwrestling.
David Williams
03/06/2014 03:24 p.m.
Matthew was with us for our district AAU tournament he was very helpful on all aspects of track and helped us running a great tourney He solved any problems on the dot if we had one and kept tourney running pithily. Would highly recommend him for any event
Larry Hardin district AAU director
12/16/2013 04:30 p.m.
Matt was awesome! It was the first time that we had used Track at our invitational this year. Matt was able to get us through the finer points with ease. He helped to not only set up the tournament, but to make sure that we ran the tournament smoothly. He even put a watermark of our logo on the brackets! What a stud! Matt is an asset to Independence Wrestling and the Trackwrestling company. He did great!
Joe Wallace, Activities Director at Mount Vernon High School
12/10/2013 02:15 p.m.
Excellant knowledge and content. Invite was the smoothest we have ever ran thanks to Track and Matt.
Rob Arnold
12/04/2013 09:40 a.m.
Matt does an awesome job with track wrestling. He is very thourgh from start to finish teaching and showing others what to do.
Michael Doyle Head Coach