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What is Trackcast?

Trackcast is a game-changing live streaming and archived video solution completely integrated into the Trackwrestling platform. It allows users to easily incorporate video overlays with current match and tournament information into their broadcasts creating a professional looking stream that draws people in. The goal of the Trackcast platform is to empower organizations, teams, and event directors with the tools they need to broadcast their events and recognize the revenue streams associated with them.

Our mission has been and always will be to create a platform that makes it an easy decision for event directors to use Trackwrestling to help manage their events. This is another great tool in the Trackwrestling tool bag meant to attract people to our platform. In the end, what this allows us to do is create a central repository so the wrestling world can "Track" wrestling. It's a win win for everyone involved, and that is precisely the reason we believe Trackcast is truly a game-changer for the wrestling world.

Who is Trackcast for?

The short answer is it's for anyone and everyone interested in video solutions and the continued advancement of wrestling - organizations, event directors, coaches, and fans alike. Each of these groups of people will benefit from using the Trackcast platform.

So if you are already streaming or archiving video for wrestling events, now you can easily integrate your video solutions with the #1 scoring platform in the country to provide overlays and event information. If you're an entrepreneur, you now have the tools and support from Trackcast to start broadcasting events for people who want that service. If you're a coach, you can use the platform to stream and record your duals, grow your fan base, and provide a way for alumni to easily follow their favorite team. If you're an organization you have the ability to take control of your video content. You can purchase the equipment needed and use it over and over throughout the season. Finally, if you're a fan, you are going to have access to more and more video to follow your favorite wrestlers and teams wherever they may be competing.

Get excited about Trackcast

  • One LaptopStreaming and scoring can now be done from the same computer increasing efficiency and reducing cost. Connect the computer to the internet, the camera, and possibly a Trackwrestling score clock and run everything off of one (1) laptop.
  • Recording and ReplayUsers can easily record video and provide video replay.


Trackwrestling provides the same great support for Trackcast that it does for event management.

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  • FAQsClick here for a list of FAQs associated with Trackcast.

We look forward to working with you on your event management and video streaming needs!