Text/Email Alerts

Text/Email Alerts

Trackwrestling has allowed wrestling fans everywhere to follow their favorite wrestlers online when they are unable to attend an event. However, for those who wish to follow your wrestler but cannot be by a computer all day or simply don't want to sit there and refresh constantly, we provide instant mat assignments and results via text message and email alerts.

  • Getting Started The My Wrestlers feature in events makes signing up for alerts easy! All you need is a TW+ Membership to start receiving mat assignment and result alerts.
    1. Select an event: Select an event and navigate to the My Wrestlers page.
    2. Add teams/wrestlers: Add any teams or wrestlers you'd like to follow.
    3. Activate alerts: Click the alert icon next to the team or wrestlers and provide your phone/email information as well as the alerts you'd like to receive.

TW+ members receive 500 messages/month. Additional messages can be purchased monthly.


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  • Contact UsFor any questions, please submit a ticket.