FloPRO Subscription Benefits

Upgrade to FloPRO

Upgrade your Trackwrestling experience with a FloPRO Subscription. Upgrading gives you access to additional features that allow you to easily browse and manage Trackwrestling. These features include text alerts, viewing multiple brackets at once, track the progress and statistics of your favorite athletes, filter rankings, and more.

  • FloPRO Benefits Access additional features exclusive to FloPRO subscribers. The following is a list of benefits you will receive with this service.
    • Text Alerts: Receive instant mat assignments and results via text/email alerts.
    • Custom Widgets: Gain access to additional widgets and customize the layout of your myTRACK homepage.
    • More in Recent: The "Recent" feature allows you have up to 8 slots in your recent views with the ability to lock them all in.
    • Filter Rankings: You can filter our individual rankings by state, age, weight, etc.
    • More Time: Your session times are doubled so you won't time out as fast while browsing and viewing the dashboard.
    • View Brackets: You can view all of the brackets in a tournament at once.
    • Follow Wrestlers: You can pick 50 Trackwrestling Members and
      • Get an email with their results whenever they wrestle a Trackwrestling event.
      • View statistics reports that summarize how they are doing in events.
    • Bout Search: You can access our bout search feature that allows you to search all the tournament bouts entered on Trackwrestling from one screen.
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