Goodhue vs Minneapolis Patrick Henry
Starting Weight Class:
  Match Summary G MPH
106 Bailee O`Reilly (Goodhue) won by major decision over Roger Mova (Minneapolis Patrick Henry) 12-2.4.00
113 Matthew Lexvold (Goodhue) won by pin over Henery AntonioSantos (Minneapolis Patrick Henry) 1:33.6.00
120 Logan Breuer (Goodhue) won by pin over Choc See Vang (Minneapolis Patrick Henry) 5:14.6.00
126 Kyle Drehmel (Goodhue) won by pin over Michael Boyd (Minneapolis Patrick Henry) 0:42.6.00
132 Wyatt Gadient (Goodhue) won by pin over Rumen Hulmequist (Minneapolis Patrick Henry) 1:14.6.00
138 Dan Clugston (Goodhue) won by pin over Malik Henry (Minneapolis Patrick Henry) 2:54.6.00
145 Mitchell Breuer 11 (Goodhue) won by pin over Maverik Cain (Minneapolis Patrick Henry) 0:53.6.00
152 Byng Parsins (Minneapolis Patrick Henry) won by pin over Charles Dahling (Goodhue) 1:05.06.0
160 Justin Simmons (Goodhue) won by decision over Damarius Gilmer (Minneapolis Patrick Henry) 7-0.3.00
170 Tyshel Bonner (Minneapolis Patrick Henry) won by pin over Matthew Deneen (Goodhue) 1:47.06.0
182 Yasir Shabazz (Minneapolis Patrick Henry) won by decision over Thomas Ramboldt (Goodhue) 4-1.03.0
195 Shaheem Dukes (Minneapolis Patrick Henry) won by decision over Josh Kelm (Goodhue) 5-1.03.0
220 Weston Gadient (Goodhue) won by decision over Kelsey Bocek (Minneapolis Patrick Henry) 4-3.3.00
285 Ryan Tipcke (Goodhue) won by pin over Eric Shaw (Minneapolis Patrick Henry) 1:49.6.00
Dual Meet Score 52.018.0  
Dual Meet Comments
Goodhue went 2-1 in duals on the day. Kyle Drehmel earned his 100th win in the first dual against FCLMC. At the end of the tournament, he was awarded the tournament`s `Outstanding Wrestler` award, his second of the season. I can send photos by request. Goodhue is now 12-12 for a dual record. Our next event is the Robbinsdale Armstrong Duals Invite on Saturday.