Trackwrestling Consultant Reviews


Reviews of Monica Schommer
04/16/2018 10:13 a.m.
I have had the pleasure to work with Monica for a number of years. Monica runs our High School tournament and our local youth tournament. With Monica running the tournaments we never have to worry about the tournament running smoothly, she does an amazing job.
Bob Bath/ Head wrestling coach/ Douglas High School
03/25/2018 04:46 p.m.
Monica knows Trackwrestling very well and in many different scenarios, many different levels of tournaments from International to youth as well as all styles of wrestling. I also find she returns calls in a timely manner which is important in this area.
Vickie Tolin, USWOA Pairung Advisor, WY State Association board member
03/22/2018 02:04 p.m.
Monica runs a great tournament. She is very professional and prepared to respond to any crisis that may arise in a tournament. She comes prepared with all of her own score clocks and equipment, so there is not much to worry about from the coach`s end.
Tucker Lane/Assistant Wrestling Coach, University of Northern Colorado
03/22/2018 12:00 p.m.
Monica and Hired Intel are the best at running a wrestling tournament that I have been around.
Don Flynn/WAWA Chairman
03/22/2018 11:07 a.m.
Prepared, organized and easy to communicate with. Trouble shoots problems quickly and effectively running a 90 team event with over 1000 participants. Enjoy and appreciate her work on our event.
Jeff Tomac - Sierra Nevada Classic Director
03/21/2018 10:59 p.m.
Monica from Hired Intelegence and I have been working together for the last 4 years. She does an excellent job and provides the customer service the are seeking. I would recommend her highly. She is a credit to your organization! Frank A Pavich Tournament Director/Founder Black Hills Nationals Spearfish SD
Frank Pavich Tournament Director Black Hills Nationals
03/21/2018 10:38 p.m.
Monica has done and continues to do an awesome job for us. She is always willing to help. She runs our tournament we host and there are several others that we go to that she is also involved with. I recommend her to all others that we talk too about hosting Track events.
Stephen Hesford
03/21/2018 04:14 p.m.
Really well done, very professional. It made all the difference for our Regional Wrestling Meet. Thanks
Jason Hansen Lyman High School
03/21/2018 03:54 p.m.
By far the best we have seen in the trackwrestling world. Monica is precise, confident and very professional. Her dedication and pride towards the sport and her work with trackwrestling is well above reproach. When we need support for trackwrestling and/or full assistance. Monica is who we turn to. Thanks Monica.. Job well done as always.
Roy True Wrestling Coach and Tournament Director
03/21/2018 03:53 p.m.
Monica always does an awesome job with the two tournaments she runs for me. Everything runs smooth, she is always helpful, and is very knowledgeable.
Jeff Buck - Coach
03/21/2018 03:51 p.m.
Monica did a great job and made our hosting the NCAA Regional a great success . Monica is a true professional and we enjoyed working with her . I would hire her again in a heart beat . Thanks Monica for all your great work
Doug Moses
03/21/2018 03:46 p.m.
Monica is hands down the best trackwrestling consultant we have worked with through hundreds of tournaments! She is very knowledgeable and runs an outstanding tournament every time.
Thad Trujillo, Head Wrestling Coach, Cheyenne East
03/21/2018 03:37 p.m.
Monica is extremely knowledgeable with Track Wrestling. She is quick to respond to emails and phone calls. She is one of the best!
Steve Saxlund, owner 3X Gear
03/21/2018 03:23 p.m.
You are AWESOME! i thought you were emailing me to see if I was going to work for you?!?!?
Mike Mulvaney/AW Athletic Director
03/21/2018 03:23 p.m.
I didn`t have to give any focus to the management of the tournament allowing me to focus on everything else that goes with running a regional event. It was awesome!
Mark Mortimer, AD
03/21/2018 03:21 p.m.
Monica is a pleasure to work with. She is well prepared for our meets and makes them easy to manage. I would recommend her services to anyone wanting to host an outstanding meet.
Tim Bell/Assistant AD
03/21/2018 03:21 p.m.
Monica does a phenomenal job of running our Middle School Championship Tournament! She is dedicated to making the tournament a quality experience for athletes, parents, and coaches. Her expertise makes my job easy and our tournament always runs without issues. It is my hope that we keep Monica for years to come. She is the best!!
Mike Garcia Middle School Athletic Director School District 11
03/21/2018 03:19 p.m.
Monica does a fantastic job. She is always available by phone or email and consistently returns phone calls when not immediately available. Wonderful to work with.
Steve Longwell, Athletic Director Eaton High School
02/26/2015 09:39 a.m.
Monica Schommer receives a 10/10 in my book. I have been associated with Monica for the last 5-6 years where she has run numerous tournaments that we have attended, as well as she runs the `Halloween Havoc` pre-season wrestling tournament for us. I can`t say enough about her expertise, attention to detail and her knowledge of Track Wrestling. Monica is my go to person whenever I have questions. When we had a problem with the Regional tournament this year, I did not hesitate to call her and she fixed the problem for us. Monica is the best! Questions, please don`t hesitate to call me at 303-416-0110 if you have questions. Coach Buck
Jeff Buck - Head Wrestling Coach @ Cherokee Trail HS, Aurora, CO
02/23/2015 07:09 p.m.
Monica has run our Northern Colorado Open for the past few years and it has been a great event! She is very professional and her prices are hard to beat.
Troy Nickerson, Head Wrestling Coach at the University of Northern Colorado
02/23/2015 05:44 p.m.
Monica was in touch with us well before the event so we could begin the planning process. She was at the event early and had everything she needed to run the tournament smoothly. W had feedback from our crowd that they were impressed with how smoothly the tournament went so no complaints from me.
Joe LeBlanc Head Assistant Wrestling Coach At the University of Northern Colorado
02/23/2015 03:52 p.m.
Monica helped us run a smooth and efficient Regional Wrestling Tournament. She knows the ins and outs of track wrestling and made sure that our tournament was on schedule. In short, she made my job much easier.
Justin Carr -DHS Activities Director
02/23/2015 03:12 p.m.
I absolutely love attending the tournament that Monica Schommer runs with Track Wrestling. Coaches get the necessary instructions in a timely manner. Seeding meetings run a lot smoother because Monica knows how to set up the criteria and let the software do the seeding. Usually there are only some minor changes that need to be made. During the tournament, she projects the upcoming matches on a wall, so wrestlers can see upcoming matches and it eliminates the need for an announcer to call out matches. That reduces the total amount of noise during the meet. Having live scoring set up at each of the matches also makes it really nice to track the matches and team scores in real time. I`ve had several parents tell me that they really like being able to log onto the tournament and follow the matches when they can`t be there. When there is a problem, Monica is right there helping to get it resolved quickly. Overall, I would say that Monica has done really good things for our sport because the tournaments that she`s involved in run so smoothly.
Lee McCoy/Head Wrestling Coach Newcastle/Upton Wrestling Team
02/23/2015 02:23 p.m.
Monica does a fantastic job of running the tournament through track wrestling. Her expertise in the sport of wrestling helps her to trouble shoot almost any situation that may come up from a coaches perspective.
Doyle Meyer Head Wrestling Coach Torrington High School, Torrington, Wyoming
02/23/2015 02:18 p.m.
It was a good dry run for me to see the wrestling this year. I was pleasantly surprised to see how everything ran. It was a very well organized and ran smoothly. I give you an A + for this past weekends tournament. Thanks George.
George O`Scanlon President of Down Under Sports
02/23/2015 02:07 p.m.
Monica did an amazing job of setting up and helping to run our tournament. The tournament ran with no problems or errors. Mrs. Hailey who was running the tournament at our site was polite, and knowledgable. The brackets that were made for the champions were out standing and we got several positive comments on them. Communication with Monica was easy and she corrected roster issues very quickly. Have recomended Monica to other teams for future events.
Cole Clifford/ Big Piney Wrestling Coach
02/23/2015 01:52 p.m.
Monica is amazing! This year we used trackwrestling for two of the largest tournaments we run; without a doubt her leadership and excellent product enabled for a smooth experience both times. Friendly, flexible, and constantly looking to improve efficiency are fitting descriptors of Monica`s competent tournament assistance.
Jeff Wagoner Head Coach Twin Spruce Warrior Wrestling
02/23/2015 01:41 p.m.
We had Shari from Hired Intelligence and she was amazing. She was knowledgeable and very helpful to me. I had never run a wrestling tournament before and her help was invaluable to the success of the tournament. Monica was great in the pre-tournament set-up and communicating with me about the deadlines that needed to be met by me and the coaches. Because of this communication we were able to have everything entered and ready to go by the time all teams arrived for the tournament. Without question our tournament would not have run as smooth as it did without the help of both of these ladies. I hope to use them for all wrestling tournaments that I may host in the future.
Chad Whitworth-Athletics Director
02/24/2014 11:15 a.m.
Monica did an amazing job, our regional 4A wrestling tournament ran as smooth as we could ask for.
Tyson Shatto/Head coach Sheridan Wyoming High School
02/24/2014 08:55 a.m.
Very well run tournament. Everything went smoothly. Thanks for everything you did!
Kadera/Laramie Wrestling Coach
02/24/2014 08:29 a.m.
Monica was very organized which made the tournament run very smooth without any problems. She has the knowledge to answer any questions that come up. She does a great job.
Jerry Loney/Official
02/23/2014 10:20 p.m.
Outstanding tournament. We have been at several tournaments that Monica has run and she always does a great job.
Thad Trujillo, head coach at Cheyenne East
12/18/2013 10:48 p.m.
Monica did an awesome job. She made our tournament run very smoothly. She came in on a short notice and was able to attack any challenges presented by me from the initial set up. Her assistance/guidance was very beneficial while we learned the ins and outs of our new system. I have already recommended her to other coaches for the running of their tournaments. Steve Hesford
Stephen Hesford - Coach
12/04/2013 03:43 p.m.
Monica does an outstanding job with events. She knows the track wrestling program extremely well, but most of all, Monica is polite, courteous, and patient. She is very easy to work with.
Pete Gomez - Tournament Director
12/04/2013 03:41 p.m.
Monica is calm, competent, knowledgeable, self-sufficient and fun to work with. Her love of the sport of wrestling is easily apparent. She is a plus to your organization.
Ina Gomez, Computer Operator, Tournament Solutions
11/26/2013 02:41 p.m.
I thought that the Track Wrestling program was outstanding and it alleviated a lot of work for it.
Jeff Wasserburger
11/13/2013 09:55 a.m.
As a Director of RMN Events, we had the privilege of working with Monica and her son and we were very pleased with their performance, attitude, knowledge and professionalism. I would highly recommend their services for your event. We look forward to working with Monica again in the near future, a very rare position our sport needs. Sincerely Ed Gutierrez Director RMN Events
Ed Gutierrez
09/03/2012 04:48 p.m.
I have worked with Monica for the past 7 years, 5 of which I was her direct supervisor. During those 5 years I was a middle school associate principal/activities director. Each year we hosted a large middle school wrestling tournament and Monica was my go to person. In fact we turned over the set up and organization of the tournament to Monica. It was my experience that the tournament was a very popular event because the number of teams that returned and begged for an invitation grew every year. In my opinion that was a direct result of Monica`s skill in running the tournament. I have an extreme amount of faith in Monica`s abilities to learn new programs and to be able to adapt to changes each year. There is no one I would trust more in the running of a wrestling program or tournament! She is extremely passionate about the sport of wrestling!
Dan Edwards, Principal
08/31/2012 02:32 p.m.
Monica Schommer had organized the trackwrestling tournament program for my middle school wrestling invitational. On November 12th, 2011, we hosted 25 teams from around Wyoming and Western Nebraska. Since Douglas is centrally located in the state, our tournament essentially becomes the culminating event for middle school wrestling for many teams. We pride ourselves on running a quality tournament. Monica was an integral part of the team roster management, wrestler seeding, weight class bracketing, and up-to-the-minute management of the results side of the tournament. Monica`s assistance prior to and during the event was pivotal in providing a well-run event. Monica was also integral in designing and creating professional-looking, three color 16 man brackets that any weight class champion would want to hang on his/her wall. We conducted 473 matches on three mats in one day and made spectators, coaches and myself (event organizer) well informed and extremely satisfied. With the trackwrestling on-line tool, we were able to easily manage many wrestlers with ease and Monica was a big part of that success! Tom Holt, DMS AP/AD
Tom Holt, Douglas Middle School Associate Principal / Athletic Director
08/26/2012 07:09 a.m.
Monica Schommer has been an asset for our state and our Torrington Wrestling Club. She has ran our tournament several years as a head pairer and each time did a wonderful job. She is a problem solver and understands the software better than anyone. Monica also mentors inexperienced pairers, helping them to become better. She could head pair a national event if called upon. Joe Hatley
Joe Hatley Coach
08/23/2012 11:09 a.m.
To Whom It May Concern: As the Head Wrestling coach at Douglas High School in Douglas Wyoming, and one of the Douglas Wrestling Club`s youth coach`s, I have had the pleasure of working with Monica Schommer. Monica has run both our High School (Varsity/JV) and our youth tournaments here in Douglas. She knows the TrackWrestling program well and has done an excellent job running the tournaments. She is also a pleasure to work with and is dedicated to what she does. Bob Bath
Bob Bath Head wrestling coach at Douglas High School
08/22/2012 01:58 p.m.
Monica has been the person responsible for the running of several tournaments within TrackWrestling that I have attended. The tournaments were both high school and USA tournaments. She is an enthusiastic, approachable and knowledgeable person who really knows her stuff.
Donald Flynn / WAWA Vice-Chairman, GWC Head Coach, GHS Assistant Coach