Trackwrestling Consultant Reviews


Reviews of Darcie Larrieu
01/23/2013 04:51 p.m.
Darcie did a fantastic job setting-up and running our youth tournament this January. This is the 3rd time we have hired her for a tournament and not our last. She is easy to reach and quick to respond to any changes or answer our questions. Her experience running trackwrestling`s electronic bouts and love of the sport is evident every time I have spoken to her.
Evan Strangstalien/ coach
01/22/2013 01:27 p.m.
Darcie was a HUGE asset to our first ever trackwrestling tournament. She was calm and collected during the entire tournament, and was able to quickly address any issues to keep the tournament flowing smoothly. If anyone is considering moving in the direction of trackwrestling for your tournament, I would recommend contacting Darcie to help you plan and run your tournament.
Justin Best - Colfax Youth Wrestling Technology / Web Design
01/22/2013 01:12 p.m.
We have hired Darcie the last 2 years as our Trackwrestling Expert. Darcie is fantastic to work with. She is very knowledgable, organized, efficient and cool under pressure. Our Youth Tournament`s have ran as smooth as one hopes. Darcie understands wrestling which is also a huge benefit. I would recommend Darcie as a Trackwrestling Expert to anyone.
Chad Olson Cumberland Youth Tournament Rep.