Welcome to Trackwrestling's text message and/or email feature

Trackwrestling has allowed wrestling fans everywhere to follow their favorite wrestlers online when they are unable to attend an event. However, for those of you who still wish to follow your wrestler but cannot be by a computer all day or simply don't want to sit there and refresh constantly, we are excited to announce that we will be providing instant results via text messages to cellular phones and/or emails.

With text messaging, your phone will alert you as soon as the result of the match is entered online. The text message will include the names and teams of each wrestler, win type, and match score. You may need to contact your cellular phone company to be certain that your phone has an activated text messaging feature. The email service works the same way, but you would receive an email instead. This works great for people who don't want to navigate the website to find results, but can easily check email. If you are interested in participating in this service, click continue below to sign up.

NOTE: You get a $10.00 text message coupon when you sign up as a Trackwrestling Gold member. Click here to view the benefits of becoming a Gold member. Click here to sign up as a Gold member.

Text Message Coupons
Text message coupons are credit which you can use as money. They allow you to reduce your number of credit card transactions by purchasing credit and using that credit to sign up to receive text messages.