Why become a Trackwrestling Gold Member?
Why become a Trackwrestling Gold Member?

We have created a Trackwrestling Gold member that allows people to access additional Trackwrestling features that are not available to the general public. The following is a list of benefits you will receive with this service.

  • Gain access to additional widgets and customize the layout of your myTRACK homepage.
  • The "Recent" feature allows you have up to 8 slots in your recent views with the ability to lock them all in.
  • You can view all of the brackets in a tournament at once.
  • You can pick 50 Trackwrestling Members and
    • You get an email with their results whenever they wrestle a Trackwrestling event.
    • You can view statistics reports that summarize how they are doing in events.
  • You can filter our individual rankings by state, age, weight, etc.
  • You can access our bout search feature that allows you to search all the tournament bouts entered on Trackwrestling from one screen.
  • You get twice as much time to watch the dashboard before being prompted to see if you are still watching.
  • Your session times are doubled so you won't time out as fast.
  • You also get a $10.00 text message coupon you can use for any event.

Your can receive all of these benefits for an entire season for just $50.

Click here if you would like to sign up for this service.