Trackwrestling Consultant Reviews


Reviews of Gary Kanaga
03/07/2017 03:49 p.m.
Gary does a fantastic job handling the tournament set up as well as the day of operations of the tournament. He is there to answer any phone calls or concerns regarding issues that may arise from our end of the tournament. It is with out reservation that I give Gary such a high rating. The ease of communication and how well the tournament is run will have us going back to him for years to come.
Jerry Des Forges, Head Coach Normandy High School, Tournament Director North Coast Classic
03/03/2017 07:39 a.m.
Gary has done our wrestling tournament a couple times. The seeding process is done seamlessly, communication is clear and timely, and the bout board it projected in both gyms without flaw. Not only does the tournament run quickly and smoothly Gary does a great Job being the voice of the tournament as well. He announces matches in the finals, he coordinates the parade of champions, and takes care to know something about each of the wrestlers in the finals. He is very professional and knowledgable and makes my job as the Athletic Director extremely easy when it comes to our invitational.
Ryan Walker/ Athletic Director
02/28/2017 01:24 p.m.
Gary sets-up all our communications with coaches and athletic directors for our Hudson Holiday Tournament. He organizes seeds and gets weigh-in sheets ready to go. Greets the coaches upon arrival and directs teams to the weigh-in area. He handles changes efficiently and gets the brackets ready so we can start on time. He manages the results and has a VPU to broadcast on the bout board for upcoming bouts and automatically updates team scores. He communicates well at the coaches meeting and helps to organize officials as well. Our tournament has been a great improvement in the years that Gary has been helping us. He also started a JV tournament for us with 30 teams and that has also been a huge success. He is a true professional in every aspect. Gary has really worked hard to help promote our sport and give kids opportunities to compete. I look forward to having him help us in years to come.
Joe Caniglia/ Hudson High School Head Wrestling Coach
02/28/2017 11:29 a.m.
I would like to recommend Gary Kanaga to receive expert status with Track Wrestling. He was a major part of our Gene Mills Eastern Nationals two years ago in Syracuse coming to our aid. Our tournament was being delayed with seeding, numbering and duplicate names in brackets. Gary was there coaching 20 of his kids. He saw the delay and said he can get it up and running in 20 minutes. Gary stepped up and took over and ran our entire event all day long for us while his assistants coached the kids. His expertise with Track Wrestling helped us out immensely. Gary?s knowledge of Track Wrestling is crucial to make for a smooth run tournament. I want to Thank Gary for all his help that day and coming to our Rescue.
Gene Mills
02/28/2017 11:27 a.m.
I would like to recommend Gary Kanaga to receive expert status with Track Wrestling. He has been a major part of our Perry Pin City Tournament and Youth Tournaments for the past several years. He manages many duties, including: setting up tournament parameters, emailing coaches, preliminary seeding, weigh-in procedures, lineup modifications, bout sheets, mat assignments, bout boards, tournament flow, and even announcing. His expertise with Track Wrestling has pushed our events to become bigger and better every year and has encouraged us to continue and expand our use of Track Wrestling, even recommending it to other schools who are looking for tournament management software. There is no doubt that Gary is very well known in the wrestling community as both a coach and expert at running tournaments and deserves ?expert status? with Track Wrestling.
Dave Rowan