Gold Members
Elite Athletes
1. Thomas J. Verrette, CO
2. Israel `The Prodigy` Borge, HI
3. Romeo `The Gift` Silva, CO
4. Colin McAlister, KS
5. Wyatt Fry, AZ
Elite Clubs
1. Bear Cave, CO
2. Sons of Thunder Academy, CO
3. Team Selma, CA
4. Mat Demon Wrestling Club, WA
5. POWA , CO
Feature Matches
Braeden Davis dec Aden Valencia
Melvin Miller dec Wyatt Fry
Cody Brenner fall Logan Badge
Cutter Sheets dec Cheaney Schoeff
Damari Reed dec Cheaney Schoeff
Computer Programming Position
Trackwresting Software Development Position

Trackwrestling is rapidly expanding, and as our business grows, so are our programming needs. We are looking for an additional computer programmer with a wrestling background that is enthusiastic about both wrestling and computer programming. Strong communication skills are a must. Necessary programming skills include Java, JSP, Javascript, and MySQL. Experience with Server Management, Linux, Networking, C, Mobile Application Development, and/or Graphic Design are a plus. Salary will be based on experience. If you are interested, please submit a resume to us via our ticket system at