Registration ends at 2pm Friday February 22.

The age group is determined by the actual age of the wrestler on February 24 of the event weekend.

'ALL' Wrestlers must comply with the head gear, singlet or shorts.

Brackets must be checked by 30 min before a division starts for any errors.

Payment must be made by Friday Afternoon at 2pm or you will be withdrawn.

You may walk in and register for $60 at the Arthur Ashe Center only on: Friday weigh ins for Saturday or Sunday Events, or Saturday 6pm for Sunday events. No morning late registrations.

Satellite Sites are listed on the web site.

COACHES must present a 2019 USAW Coaches Card to get a floor pass to coach mat side.

Check Tournament Flyer for starting times and days for each division

Admission = Adults $10, Students $5, Non school kids Free

Maximum 1300 entires online for this event

Please go to the web site for all event information including satelite weigh in sites

No Double Bracketing allowed for this event.


Friday February 22nd-Weigh-ins for all age groups and divisions (both days) at the Ashe Center and Regional Weigh-In Sites listed 6pm-8pm. Late/Last Minute registrations for Saturday or Sunday Competitions $60

Saturday February 23rd No Late Registrations the day of the event

7:30 am-Building Opens (last minute weigh ins for 12U, 14U and 15U- Weigh in ends at 8am,No last minute registrations)

8:30 am-Wrestlers Check Wall Charts for 12-under

9:00 am-First round for 12 Under 

12:30 pm-Wrestlers Check wall charts for 14-under

1:00 pm-First round for 14 Under

3:30 pm-15 Under Check Wall Charts

4:00 pm-First Round 15 Under (this is a one year age group)

6:00 pm-Late Registration and Last minute weigh-ins for Sunday.

Sunday February 24th No Late Registrations the day of the event

7:30am-Building opens (last minute weigh ins for 6U, 8U, 10U and all Girls events-This ends at 8am. No last minute registrations)

8:30am-Wrestlers Check Wall Charts (Boys 6 Under and Boys 8 Under, ES and MS Girls)

9:00am-Boys 6 Under and Boys 8 Under, Elementary and Middle School Girls begin

11:30pm-Boys 10 Under and HS Girls check wall charts

12:00pm-Boys 10 Under wrestling begins & High School Girls wrestling begins

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